7 Ideas for Passive Income Without any Investment

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2020)

7 Easiest ways to Grow Your Passive income Without any Investment.


No Matter what you do you need money for living, or you can say to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, that way we all try our best to make our income better in many ways. But have you ever been satisfied with the money you get from your job or business? I guess no. So here comes the concept of ‘Passive Income’.

Let me tell you what actually considered as a passive income. In this article, I have mentioned 7 easiest ways that I have been using currently or had used before for making money passively. So let’s jump into it.


What is a Passive Income?

Talking about passive income, there is no rocket science behind it. If you want to get something you need to invest something too. Here the investment is ‘TIME’, the most precious thing. You earn money by exchanging your valuable time in a proper way and in right place.

So in simple language, passive income means, the money you earn in your extra time and which does not hamper your primary work. Hence you plant a seed and nurture it and then you get the return you want. Here the seed is your Time.


Advantages of Passive Income in your life

There is a lot to talk about Passive Income, especially the advantages you have with it. I am just pointing out the advantages here. So, let’s dive into the topic.

  1. You are the Boss, you never need to explain anything to anyone.
  2. You make your money work for you.
  3. You make money while sleeping or out for a vacation.
  4.  Ability to work from anywhere anytime you want
  5. Improves your Financial Stability
  6. You feel confident after all.

these topics can be elaborated but I will do it in a different article because this article is all about the detail description of 7 easy ways to grow your passive income.


Passive Income Ideas you should look for

There are hundreds of ideas available for passive income if you search online, but my focus is on those ideas for which you literally do need to invest anything. Because this article is mostly dedicated to beginners who are just trying to get the feet right. So let’s begin…


1. YouTube Content Creator

Everyone watch online video, they like it, they share it in social media in one word they love it.  I know you get my point straight from the title itself still let me elaborate a bit, you might learn something new.

Yes, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube by posting videos. Whatever you love to do, whatever skill you have whether it is singing, cooking, painting, teaching, etc you can make a video for the same and upload it to YouTube and Google will show ads on your videos and thus you will earn money based on your video watch time. You just need to create a YouTube channel and make it a brand.

There are a few things you need to know before starting, click here to know more about YouTube Earning.


2. Facebook Instant Article

You have no idea what Facebook has become today, it is not just a social media website it is a supergiant in the business perspective. You can use the craziness that people has for Facebook and earn unlimited money. You just need 3 important things to start with.

passive income

All of your blog’s article will be automatically converted into Facebook Instant Article if you set it correctly.

All these are big topics that can not be covered in this article. You can see the detailed description of this dedicated article for Passive income through Facebook.


3. Website or Blog

We are blessed to have the Internet, it helps us in every way possible to connect to each other or even to enhance our skills by sharing our thoughts to the Web. Likewise, you get to know other people’s ideas.

“WWW” means the World Wide Web. It is an ocean and websites or blogs are the water drops of this ocean. There are a thousand topics that you can use to create your first blog or website to increase your passive income.

Here the same concept applies like YouTube. You need to subscribe to  Google’s Adsense Programme, Media.netetc, and then these advertising networks will provide ads on your Web page. Thus you will earn money.

See this article for more details about passive income through Website and Blog.


4. Build an Application

If you ever used a smartphone whether it is android or iPhone, you must have come across applications that show advertisement. I know you might feel it irritating but at the same time, you must consider it as a passive income.

This one is similar also similar to earlier topics that I have discussed. You can build an Android or IOS app and upload it to its respective app stores. You can use Admob and other advertisement networks for showing ads on your application.

So the more people install and use your application, the more it will show ads to them and the more you get paid.


5. Affiliate Marketing

If you do have an idea about Affiliate Marketing then you have already know why I have chosen this topic, but if you don’t know anything about Affiliate Marketing the also don’t worry, I will try to give you a clear overview about this.

Affiliate Marketing is such an arrangement, that helps people like us to earn commissions from an online retailer through product referrals. The most popular Affiliate marketing website is Amazon.com. So just follow these steps to get a commission up to 12% per product.

passive income

Although there are other websites that provide the same value if not more than Amazon.com’s affiliate program. But as this is the easiest way and this article for beginners, I have mentioned only about Amazon.


6. PhotoGraphy

This one is surely for you if you love to capture moments. I mean if you are good at photography then there are a lot of websites that can buy your unique photos at a decent price. Check out some of the websites for selling your photos.


7. Freelancing

There is a proverb “If you are good at something, then don’t do it for free”. I mentioned this because I believe in this concept. Freelancing means you sale your skill and gets paid. The best part of being a freelancer is there is no limit for your earning. But the worst part is you can be cheated sometimes and lose money too.

So, you can literally work as a freelancer based on your skill. If you are good at something make money out of it. But the most interesting part is that in this paragraph I will tell you how you can earn money even without having any skill.

Yes I know these sounds stupid, but trust me stupids ideas work better. Okay so let me tell you about some websites that you might or might not have heard about, but you can earn a lot of money by posting ads on the sites or you can outsource from somewhere else (in that can someone else will post for you and you communicate with the client as a middleman) and get a commission. I have done it for more than 3 years in my life and I know what it is capable of. 



So, guys, which one do you think is the best idea for a passive income? I know the first step is difficult to take but trust me with time it will be easy for you.

Now I am expecting your responses. If you like this content or even dislike,  just leave a comment. Your responses will motivate me to do better and deliver better. I will try my best to enrich my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.

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