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Get updates about technical articles, Windows and Linux tips and tricks, Cloud computing, etc. You can get articles related to tutorials, and learn how to keep your devices safe from intruders. All the information is provided by Curious Abbey, and we attempt to keep the information up to date and correct.

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Atanu Gupta









Name: Atanu Gupta
Nationality: Indian
City: Kolkata
Hobbies: Cricket, Instrumental Music, Exercise, and obviously Technology. One more thing I love to learn about is Astronomy.


Hi, This is Atanu here. I am working as a Professional IT Engineer with more than 4 years of experience in the IT industry.
I have been a YouTube content creator from the year 2016 and also a part-time blogger. I am in love with technology and other than this I am very interested in astronomy, sports, etc.

I have started this blog in Dec 2017, since then it has been a very nice journey. I have been planning for this since a long time ago. As I have already started working as a Youtube content creator from 2016, so I had to start my own website so that I can put my view and write every bit of detail in it.

If I had to tell you why I have chosen to start a technical blog, then I must tell you that I am in the IT field for the last 4-5 years. Apart from that, I have also faced so many issues in various segments and I have found solutions from various blogs. Sometimes it has helped me and sometimes it hasn’t. So I also want to share my view on technical problems which I have been facing and which I have able to find solutions so that many people can take help from it.



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