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This site uses cookies in general efforts, which are small files downloaded into your computer to enhance your experience. This page describes how to collect information, how we use it, and why we sometimes have to store these cookies. We will share how we can prevent these cookies from being saved, but some downgraded or effective elements of this site may be ‘interrupted’.


Do We Use Cookies?

Yes, we use cookies for various reasons described below.  We believe in being open and clear about how we use your information for our website. By using cookies we made sure that whoever is using our website has the best experience.


How Can You Disable Cookies?

You can prevent cookie settings by adjusting your browser settings (see how your browser supports it). Be aware of the deactivation of cookies and its effectiveness will affect many other websites you visit. Disabling cookies will usually disable the specific functionality and features of this site. Therefore we do not recommend you to disable cookies.

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The Cookies We Set

This Website offers services related to email subscription and cookies can be used to remember if you are already registered or not. This is to determine whether to show certain notifications which might only be valid for subscribed or unsubscribed users.


More Information

Hopefully, things have been made clear to you and as previously stated that you are not certain that you are not sure whether or not you are usually safe to enable cookies if it is on our site Interacts with one of the facilities used.

However, if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through our email id.


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