Disadvantages of Free WordPress Theme

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2018)

Disadvantages of using a free WordPress Theme for your blog.


            As the title shows, I am going to tell you about the disadvantages of free WordPress theme that has been used for your blog or website. So check this out.

            If you are planning to start or already have started your WordPress blog or website. The first trouble you have to face initially is choosing a theme for your WordPress site. You might tend to choose a free WordPress theme that is available in the market to start with. Actually, most of us do the same. But let me tell you what are the disadvantages of using a free WordPress theme for your blog. Choosing a free theme can only lead you to trouble instead of making your site to progress high. Choosing a free WordPress theme can be justified only if you are just trying to learn about how things work in this beginner stage.



Disadvantages of a free WordPress theme:

The first thing you need to keep in mind that free is not always free. You might not have to pay for the theme directly, but indirectly you have to pay a lot. All the free themes available in the market is developed by some company or some individual developer.

And let me tell you there are not here for charity. They need money to feed their families too, so there is always a twist in which they will not mention ever.


Let me point out some of the disadvantages below,

1. Design:

When you try to create a website or blog you always want to look like a professional that indicates that you are serious about your job. One thing you always need to keep in mind, google always insists you to focus on how you can increase the quality of your blog,

free wordpess theme
So using a free WordPress theme, you will not get that professional look ever. You can get it only by using a premium theme. So choose wisely.


2. Access Right:

This is another thing you must consider that you will never get full access to that theme. Hence you can never make your website look like the way you want it to be looked. You will not have full access right for customization of that theme.

3. Lack of Customization Option:

As I have already mentioned, If you want to modify some of the particular portions of your website then
you might not able to do so due to fewer customization options available with a free theme.

4. Ease of Access:

This is the main reason that I do prefer a premium theme over a free theme is that I always believe the time is equal to money.
So if you are using a free theme, then you know how much time you have wasted to make it the way you want it. But still, you failed to get the best result out of it.

So if you use a premium theme, You will get a Theme option control panel. These control panels are easy to use and user-friendly, unlike the free theme.
So You will not have to invest much of your precious time designing it as most of the things are already included. So you can get the best outcome by investing the least amount of time.

5. SEO Optimization:

Most of the premium themes come with SEO optimized feature. So by default, it will get better rank in search engine, unlike free themes.
Using a free theme you will never get this advantage.

With a free theme you need to work too hard to get your website rank in Google, Bing, Yandex, etc, but still you might not get the result.

6. Extra Features:

Using a premium theme, you get some of the extra features like header and footer code to add a section, which is not available with free themes. What you can do with this header and footer code section, you can add meta-tags, advertisement code etc with easy. But you will struggle with a free theme if you do not have enough idea about what to do and where to do with those tags.

7. No Support or Updates:

Last but not the least, If you are using a free theme and you kind of stuck somewhere and you want to resolve that issue as soon as possible. Now one thing for sure, you forget about any kind of support from that theme developer. Either you fix it yourself or forget it.
You will be stuck there forever. But with a paid or premium theme, you will get instant support always.

Likewise, there are no updates are available with a free theme ever. You can get latest updates on that kind of theme only that you have paid for.



  • All the above notes are against a free theme is just to tell you not to use it for your blog or website. But one important thing you need to keep in mind if you are a beginner at this level, if you have not used WordPress for at least 6 months or so, then you must go for free themes available in the market. Because paid theme costs around $30-$60 if not more, and it will be wasted if you do not have a good experience with any WordPress theme before.


  • Also, need to mention, there are few themes available in the market that provide you for one or two months of free use. These themes give you almost full access like a premium theme. But the problem is after you are get used to it and invest time configuring it. You then have to pay for it when you want to continue using the same theme. And they charge you a lot more than the conventional premium theme.


So always try with a free theme for learning purpose then switch to a paid one. most of the blogger start their career this way and later the move to premium themes.




So, guys, I have tried my best to simplify things so that you can have a better understanding and user experience. Now it’s your turn to pay me back.

Now I am expecting your responses. If you like this content or even dislike,  just leave a comment. Your responses will motivate me to do better and deliver better. I will try my best to enrich my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.


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