How to print from android phone or tablet

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2018)

How to print from Android phone or Tablet


                         There are so many things you can do with android, So not to mention Print from Android phone is also one of them. Look Printing a file is not a big deal but, just think about it, would it be possible if we did not get all the facility that android gives us. Printing a document from your Android phone is big proof of that.

There are some scenarios when you might have to print an important document but there is no computer available. Now, what would you do? let me tell you what you can print any document from your smartphone very easily.

A few years back we could not even think about anything else with a mobile phone, other than performing some basic tasks like phone calls and messaging, etc. But now we all know that nothing is impossible in this android era. You just need a smartphone and by using various applications you can fulfill your tasks very easily.


How Android Gives You Freedom


Android gives you the freedom to use it in every possible way that you can imagine. It does not matter what device you are using but you can literally play with it. So in this article, I am going to tell you about one of the most important services that can help your experience a little more convenient ( Print from an android phone).


You might know how to print from a computer, most of us do it on a daily basis. But did you ever tried to print from your phone?

Today I will describe how you can do that too.
You can print from your phone in several ways like (wifi, Cloud print, Data cable).
But for now, I am just telling you the easiest way. How to print on your Android phone or Tablet.


There are some points to be noted before starting.


1. The printer should be a network printer. It should have the facility to connect itself to the network.

2. Your smartphone also needs to have that print facility.

3. Your smartphone should be connected to the same network as the printer is connected to.

4. Your mobile data must be turned off, otherwise, sometimes it happens that your smartphone considers your mobile data as the primary network. In that case, if you connect your phone to wifi where the printer is connected, It may not work when you try to print from your Android phone.

5.  So now if everything is set as mentioned above, you need to download an application from the play store, just type the printer company name and search for the printing app, like Hp print app, Kyocera print app.

if all the above points are positive then I think you would not be facing any trouble.


These are the steps to be followed 


  • Step-1                       Download the printing software from the app store.


 print from android phone


  • Step-2                              Open the app and select the file for printing


print from android phone




  • Step-3                                        Select the file format


print from android phone



  • Step-4                 Click on the tab where it is showing “printer not found”


 print from android phone     


  • Step-5               Select the printer option for configuring the available printer  


print from android phone



  • Step-6                      Add printer IP ( it must be a network printer)


print from android phone



  • Step-7               Now the printer is available for printing your document.


print from android phone


So these are the steps that you need to follow to print any document from your smartphone.




So, guys, I have tried my best to simplify things so that you can have a better understanding and user experience. Now it’s your turn to pay me back.

I am expecting your responses. If you like this content inspire me by just commenting or liking this article. Your responses will motivate me to do better and deliver better. Even if you do not like this article then also tell me by commenting below. I will try my best to improve my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.



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