Make Your Computer Faster than ever with 6 steps

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2018)

Make your computer faster by following 6 simple process


( Follow this article and make your computer faster with 6 simple steps)


                       Nobody wants to wait, so You and Me are no exception. Every day we had to face this irritating incident while performing any kind of task on our Laptop or PC. we get frustrated when we get stuck. But as a non-techy person you might be thinking about to hire someone to fix these issues, then let me tell you one thing – ” There’s no need“. You can make your computer faster on your own.

There are some tips that will make your computer run faster. you can Watch the Video on my  YouTube Channel. It will surely help with all the process that can optimize your computer.

In this article, I will try to mention all the ways that can make your computer run faster than you ever used before.

Follow this 6 steps to make your computer run faster than you can imagine


So here we go…

1. Remove unnecessary programs:

Many of the PC manufacturers provide some unwanted software while you buy a new PC or laptop. If you see in your daily use that you hardly use this software on a daily basis, then I might suggest to uninstall them as soon as possible. Because these types of software not only slow your PC down but also consume Hard-Disk space. So get rid of those it will help to run the computer faster.

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features  


* Uninstall unwanted software.


2. Limit Programs at startup

Many programs are designed to open automatically in the windows background. Software manufacturers often develop them to open and run in the background when you can’t even see them generally.

So as they are running in the background, they will consume a lot of memory. So it is highly recommended to stop them from doing that. You need to check that only important programs open when windows start.

Go to Run > type msconfig > start up > uncheck the unwanted box > Ok > Reboot


3. Clean Temp files and Prefetch files.


Press Windows key + R = Run  || or Search Run in the Start search box.

Type Prefetch, Temp, % Temp% . and press enter every single time.

Then you will see a window will open with some data, just delete everything. These files are temporary files and it occupies space unnecessarily.


4. Clean up Disk Space

Go to My Computer > select C Drive > Properties >  Clean Disk

Now Select the boxes you want to delete and then press ok.

5. Clean junks with Third party software.

Download Ccleaner  or ATF Cleaner


6. Increase Memory / RAM

Try to run fewer programs at the same time if you are not working with enough memory. Memory depends on the usage of the user. So for the regular user who does not have large amounts of work pressure and only uses a computer for general works and entertainment, then for him/her 2 GB – 4GB RAM is enough.

But for enterprise user of IT guys it’s not enough, So try to use as much RAM as possible, it will make your PC run smoother.

*Note: If the above steps are followed, I think it will help to make your computer run much faster and smoother.




So, guys, I have tried my best to simplify things so that you can have a better understanding and user experience. Now it’s your turn to pay me back.

I am expecting your responses. Either you like or dislike this content, just make a comment.

It will motivate me to do better and deliver better. Even if you do not like this article then also tell me by commenting below. I will try my best to improve my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.

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