What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2018)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Explained



What is Amazon Web Services?


Amazon Web Services

I would like to explain a little bit about what is Cloud Computing first before I start the proceeding about the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because I believe ” Cloud is Future” – trust me.


So what is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, Cloud Computing is a method for delivering resources as IT services. You can get on-demand delivery of computing power, unlimited storage capacity, various applications along with database and all other resources through a cloud platform via the internet with flexible pricing (Pay as You Go ) very easily.

It is highly scalable and reduceable while making your resources useful all the time. Not only it saves the resources but also saves you involvement in maintaining those resources, most importantly by saving your money.


Use of Cloud Computing :

  • Create new Apps & Services
  • Store, Backup and Recover data
  • Hosts Websites and Blogs
  • Stream Audio and Videos etc,

So now there are several Cloud Platforms available like AWS, Assure, Google cloud. etc


Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

First of all, whenever you talk about Cloud the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon Web Services. It has been launched in 2006 by Amazon.Inc, which provides on-demand cloud computing to individuals, companies, and governments.

AWS is an IAAS service provided by Amazon. IAAS stands for Infrastructure As A Service.



AWS Services

These are the below services currently provided by AWS ( Amazon Web Services).


1. Compute  2. Database  3. Storage  4. Networking and Content Delivery  5. Migration  6. Developer Tools  7. Management Tools  8. Media Services  9. Machine Learning  10. Analytics  11. Security and Identity Compliance 12. Mobile Services  13. AR and VR  14. Application Integration  15. Customer Engagement  16. Business Productivity  17. Desktop & App Streaming  18. Internet of Things  19. Game Development


AWS Courses / Certifications Available:


1. Architecting  

AWS Certified Solution Architect (Associate / Professional ),


2. Developing

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer– Professional


3. Operations

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer– Professional


4. Specialties

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty


So these are the certification you can go for if you want to work with Amazon Cloud.


Why choose AWS over other Cloud services?


The closest competitor to AWS is Microsoft Azure. But we must consider some points mentioned below before even comparing AWS from other cloud services.

1. AWS is in the cloud market for the last 10 years or more where others are merely 5-6 years or so, hence AWS has experienced and developed infrastructure.

2. Amazon Web Services has an unbeatable record of 99.999999999% which is phenomenal if you consider durability. So you do not need to worry about their storage and performance. Your data is always accessible.

3. It is very easy to use AWS services, it is designed for the user’s convenience.

4. “Pay as you Go” option makes it much more attractive to the customer. The pricing is in detail and cheap.

5.  Aws provides so many services that make the customer happy and attracted to it, but apart from pricing the next important thing that customers are attracted to use AWS is Scalability. You can increase and decrease the server capacity as per your need.

Note* I will make separate articles for each and every services of AWS. If you have any query, feel free to comment below.




So, guys, I have tried my best to simplify things about AWS so that you can have a better understanding and user experience. Now it’s your turn to pay me back.

I am expecting your responses. If you like this content inspire me by just commenting or liking this article. Your responses will motivate me to do better and deliver better. Even if you do not like this article then also tell me by commenting below. I will try my best to improve my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.

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