What is cloud computing and its advantages

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2018)

What is Cloud Computing and How do we get to benefit from it?


                      The answer is the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. If you are running some kind of applications for sharing photos with millions of mobile users, then cloud computing can provide you rapid access to flexible and low-cost IT resources

If you follow this article you can have a pretty good idea about cloud computing and its advantages. So do check the full article out.

You are probably using cloud computing services every now and then, although you might not be aware of it. If you are using any kind of online services to send email, edit documents, watch movies on television, listening to music, play games or store pictures and all, then it is most likely that cloud computing is making it all possible behind the scenes.

Below are the examples of the big companies like UBER and NETFLIX that depends totally on cloud computing.


cloud computing


How Does Cloud Computing Work?


Ans:   There are many big named companies like AMAZON, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, DIGITAL OCEAN, etc that provide cloud services in the form of IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service).

 Cloud platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud etc are basically Physical servers that are available remotely to users via the internet.

They have their own sets of professionals to maintain those servers including hardware and software.

On the other side, the user can never know the exact location of the servers and any other information regarding it. They can use the resources and pay it accordingly.



Types of cloud services :

1.  IaaS       2.   PaaS   3.  SaaS


Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) : 

As the name suggests, you rent a full  IT infrastructure like servers, virtual machine (VM), Storage, Network, Operating Systems, etc and you need to pay according to your usage.

Example: Google Compute Engine, AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure


Platform as a service (PaaS):

In this type of cloud computing, you get an on-demand environment for developing, testing and managing your software application. It has been designed to make it easier for a developer to create a web or mobile application without worrying much.

Example: Azure (Windows ), Elastic Beanstalk ( AWS ),  App Engine ( Google ), Salesforce Heroku


Software as a service (SaaS):

In this type of cloud computing, you are provided to access to a software application often referred to “on-demand software”. You don’t need to worry about the back-end, that how the software is running, rather you just need to pay for your use.

Examples: Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365.


Types of Clouds:

1. Public Cloud    2.  Private Cloud  3. Hybrid Cloud


cloud computing


Public Cloud:   This type of cloud services is own and operated by third-party cloud providers.

Private Cloud:  A private cloud is used exclusively by a single business or organization on their personal data centers.

Hybrid Cloud:  This type of cloud is a combining form of a public and private cloud.



Advantages of Cloud Computing:


There are so many of them, So here I am going to mention some of the biggest advantages of cloud computing.


1. Cost Effective 

As per “pay as you go” policy are there, You can be totally assured that it is very much cost effective as per cloud computing is concerned.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most crucial things in Cloud Computing, You can be flexible as per your usage is concerned. You can use the resources as much as you need.

3. Capacity 

In this section, I have nothing much to say about because if you are a user of Cloud Computing, trust me you can never out of space in here. It is like an ocean when you can never run out of resources.

4. Security and Reliability

Cloud computing offers great security when any sensitive data has been lost. As the data is stored in the system, cloud providers always keep back up of your data, so even if any disaster strikes, still your data will be safe and you will not even know anything happened.

5. Speed and Performance

In general, Cloud providers provide you with the best resources that are possible to get the best performances for your applications or websites to run. So never doubt about the Performance.

6. No Maintenance

In this section, it’s very clear that you do not need to worry about the physical part of the other side, You don’t need to maintain any server or pay for any technical professionals to maintain those.




So, guys, I have tried my best to simplify about Cloud Services so that you can have a better understanding and user experience. Now it’s your turn to pay me back.

I am expecting your responses. If you like this content inspire me by just commenting or liking this article. Your responses will motivate me to do better and deliver better. Even if you do not like this article then also tell me by commenting below. I will try my best to improve my skill.

So thank you guys, Have a good day.


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